Proof that Yeshua was NOT born in December!

Millions insist on celebrating the man-made "holiday" of Christmas, even though many of them know that our Savior was not born in December. Their excuses range from, "Who cares when He was born - we celebrate His birth in December!" to "Well, Christmas and Santa Claus are fun for the kids. What's the harm in that?"

Somehow, it escapes them that lying is a sin, and that God's commands certainly override mankind's desire to concoct their own "holy days." One cannot and should not play around with His Word - especially when it comes to the spiritual growth of our children, who quickly pick up on the fact that "human thoughts and desires trump God's Word"; and, "if "Santa" was a lie, then perhaps "Jesus" is a lie, as well"....

The answer about Yeshua's birth can be found in Scripture:

Luke 2: 1. Now it happened in those days that a decree went out from Augustus Caesar that the names of all the people of his dominion should be written down. 2. This census first happened during the governorship of Qurinius in Syria. 3. And everyone went in his own city to be registered. 4. And Yosip was also going up from Nasrath, a city of Galeela into Yehuda to the city of Dawid, which is called Beth-Lekhem, because he was from the house and from the clan of Dawid, 5. With Maryam his bride while she was pregnant, that there they might be registered. 6. And it happened that while they were there, her days of pregnancy were fulfilled. 7. And she bore him a firstborn son and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger because there was no room where they could lodge. 8. At this time shepherds were there in that region were they were lodging and keeping watch there at night over their flocks. (AENT)

Miriam was forced to give birth in a stable because there was no room at the inn - because people from all over had gathered in Jerusalem for the census! Not to mention, it was also the festival of Sukkot - Tabernacles - when many pilgrims came to celebrate in Jerusalem....

Bethlehem is only about 5 miles from Jerusalem and so Y'shua was born there because was no room at the inn. The name Bethlehem means "House Of Bread", with the strong connotation of House Of Battle. And as we all know, Y'shua is the Bread of Life" (John 6:43-51).

YHWH (Yahweh/The Creator) arranged for His Son to be born in His timing - as revealed in His Mo'edim - Biblical Feasts/Appointed Times. And that awesome divine Son, Yeshua. has so far fulfilled on the first FOUR of the SEVEN Biblical Feasts and there are just three more to go!

One of the Feasts Yeshua fulfilled was His own birthday: The first day of Sukkot - the Feast of Tabernacles, which falls in the September/October timeframe on our man-made Gregorian calendars - three months before "Christmas"! This makes Christmas a lie on many levels, especially the "Santa Claus" lie we tell our children....

Amateur astronomer and former Air Force lieutenant colonel, William Welker, suggests that there are 7 historical anchors to the date of the Messiah's birth which narrow the range of the birth to between Septemmber 11 and September 14, 5 BCE (Gregorian proleptic calendar). There was a "dance of the planets" which were perceived at "guiding" the Magi to Jerusalem ... and there was also a total eclipse on September 13, 5 BCE, which was the night of 14-15 Tishri that year (by the moon; not by the modern, calculated Jewish calendar) - the beginning of Sukkot. Furthermore:

  • Shepherds do not "abide in the fields" in December with their sheep in Israel, not 2,000 years ago and not now. It is well known that shepherds stay in shelters starting in November, with the arrival of the rainy season.

  • If you know what the Star of Bethlehem is (Jupiter) then you know when the Nativity was. The Magi told Herod "the time the star appeared" and Herod killed infants two years and under in response. That means the Magi were tracking the "king's star" for two years, because Herod didn't stop from killing his own children and his favorite wife, per Josephus. In fact, Josephus says that Augustus Caesar himself remarked that he would rather be one of Herod's dogs than one of his children. The only "star of kings" that Magi would have known was Jupiter. "Magi" refers to Zoroastrian priests from either Babylon or Persia (Iran or Iraq), both of which are EAST of Israel and both tracked a triple conjunction of Jupiter (the king's planet) and Saturn (the savior planet for the Jews) in Aries (the zodiac sing for Syria and Israel in their mythology). Zoroastrians had a myth that their version of Messiah, called "Saoshyant" in their scriptures, would be born "in the west, in a foreign land." When the triple conjunction, along with a comet and other things, all began in 7 BCE, they knew they had to grab the incense and go. Jupiter even went behind the sun and "died" - was invisible, for more than a year. It emerged triumphantly from behind the sun in mid 6 BCE and tracked west for 4 months, pausing over Bethlehem on Sept. 5 BCE.

  • As if that isn't compelling enough, remember Luke tells us Zechariah, John the Baptist's father, served 15 months in the Temple before Messiah was born. Luke gives us the name of the course: Abijah (Luke 1:5). Guess what? We know when Abijah served during this time, and when we add 15 months it comes again to Sept, 5 BCE.

  • Likewise we can date the first census of Qurinius as well, as Romans counted folks every 14 years and people in Egypt - like Josef and Mary - were forced to return to their ANCESTRAL HOMES to pay the tax. This is verified in the Bible; it is not open to interpretation!

  • Luke and John synch on the same year for the beginning of Messiah's ministry: 27 BCE. How do we know that? Forty-six years from the beginning of Herod's temple and the 15th year of Tiberius bring us to the same year. Co-regencies were counted as part of Roman rule, so Tiberius co-ruled with Augustus starting in 12 CE. Josephus says Herod began building the Temple in 19 BCE. Then Luke says Y'shua was "about 30" when he began his ministry. By this clock, he would be 30 years exactly and a few months. (No year 0 in the timeline so 4 years to 1 BCE +26 to get to Rosh hashanna = 30).