Bad news for pro-abortionists: Researchers identify very first neurons in the 'thinking' brain

The following information was borrowed from a Science Daily article posted July 22, 2006:

Researchers at Yale and Oxford have made an amazing discovery: they have identified "the very first neurons" in 31-day old embryos that later develop into the cerebral cortex...the part of the brain that "makes humans human ... "

The articles states: When fully developed, the cortex has almost 20 billion neurons, and accounts for 40 percent of the brain's total weight. The cerebral cortex plays a large role in human "cognition." This part of the brain governs our perception, our memories, intellect, and consciousness.

What the researchers discovered was that these very first neurons destined to form the part of the brain "that makes humans human" appear 31 days after fertilization. This is much earlier that previously thought - well before the development of arms, legs, or eyes. "These neurons precede all other known cell types of the developing cortex," report the researchers in the journal Nature Neuroscience.

In other words, the "products" of human conception are not just "tissue masses" as the pro-abortionists would want us to think. What makes humans "human" establishes itself during the "first trimester" - from what we can tell from the technology available today - it's a mere 31 days from conception!

What does this mean in the grand scheme of things? It means that one of the fundamental building blocks of the pro-abortionists' case for abortion is dead wrong!