Apology from former "Skinhead" Rick, in late July 2006:

A few months ago I sent you a real nasty e-mail condemning you and the Jewish people. But after you sent me a rebuttal showing what the Jewish people have done for humanity I started thinking to myself, is she right?

I searched the web for answers and to my suprise I found the same exact info that is on your website. The e-mail you sent me planted a little mustard seed of faith into me, and it has grown inside me. I say this now because when I was an anti-semite I did not believe in Jesus, but only used him to make myself look more religious. I really worshiped the Aryan concept of the Nordic gods.

A few weeks ago I gave my life to Christ and rejected the stupid ideology of hate. I have now read many of the articles in your website. IT ALL MAKES SENSE TO ME. So I want to apologize to you for my nasty words. Only the blood of Christ can wash away my sins. No more shaved head or swastika tattoos.

I have left my racist friends and now pray along side people of many races and ethnicities. ONLY CHRIST CAN DO THIS TO PEOPLE LIKE ME. I am not asking you to receive this apology in open arms, but only to let you know that because of you I am a better person who has a chance to make it to heaven.


NOTE from The Refiner's Fire: We were in tears and totally overjoyed upon receiving this email from Rick! Of course, we forgave him...and we have given all the credit where it belongs: To Yahweh and His gift to us, our savior, Yeshua, who died so that all could be forgiven once they've decided to repent and turn away from sin....HALLELUYAH!