Testimony of a former "Skinhead"

The following is the powerful testimony of a former "Skinhead" who finally found his way to Yeshua in the summer of 2006. Before you read Rick's testimony below, we would suggest you read his initial e-mail exchange with The Refiner's Fire back in March of 2006, along with the apology he sent to us in July 2006.

My name is Rick and I am a former Skinhead. Before I tell you how I accepted Yeshua I will tell you how racist and evil I used to be. To understand my story you must first think like I used to. That may seem hard and incomprehensible but hate is a mindset that will control and hypnotize the mind, which is why the average human must not think this way.

But for now just imagine that everyone is your enemy and that your very survival and that of your race depends on a future racial war. Imagine that every white person who mingles with non-whites is a traitor and that sooner or later your race will decline in numbers as more traitors accept others as there equals.

Now think of yourself as a soldier for your race; you have no uniform except for your skin color and your only fellow soldiers are others who think like you. You shave your head because you think that society has defecated on you, so you shave it to purify yourself from there trash. You get swastika tattoos and other provocative images because now you are "different" and you have left society's love for material things....Welcome to my world and that of many others just like me!

When I was 15 I met a couple of "skinheads" who lived near me and I started to hang out with them. At first I just laughed at there racial jokes and their propaganda, but after a while I started to really read their material and watch various lectures from several KKK leaders. I started to dress and act like them. I shaved my head so often that I even forgot what I looked like with hair!

I got my first Nazi tattoo when I was 16. I felt so happy because I believed that I finally was accepted as a true warrior in the future race war. From then on I would shout racial slurs at anyone not like me, and I even participated in racial fights against African Americans and Hispanics who tried to beat me up. I believed that these fights would only make me stronger even if I lost. I listened to "hate rock" and watched WWII lectures from Adolf Hitler. I would purposely go into black neighborhoods and throw hate literature everywhere just to piss them off. I even searched the web and e-mailed several Jewish websites with my propaganda.

I even did this to this website (The Refiner's Fire). But, on that day I made the mistake of challenging the webmaster - who, to my surprise hit me back with an e-mail about Jews and their contribution to this world.

After I left the Refiner's Fire website, I searched the web to see if her info was right. And it was! I even tried to challenge a Messianic Rabbi who is a former Muslim - but the things he told me about Yeshua made me see the error of my ways. He basically confirmed what The Refiner's Fire had told me and it got me to thinking. And so, I started to read about Christ and learned, among other things, that He died for me....

My beliefs before I accepted Yeshua were that of the myth of the Germanic-Nordic Aryan gods. This belief was that whites are descendants from these Aryan gods and that everyone one else is inferior. After I left this stupid belief, I found out that some of the pray rituals have Occult written all over them. So I continued reading about Yeshua and his many works. I read that if you die in your sins you will stand before Yeshua and you, yourself, will be responsible for ending up in hell for rejecting his FREE gift.

I always thought that Christianity was just another way to mingle the white race with other undesirables. But, then I started to believe. I would throw stuff around and punch walls and I even throw the Bible around because I thought that I would be alone if I accepted Yeshua's gift. But finally I accepted His sacrifice and started to attend a local evangelical church near my house. About 85% of the attendees of this church were African Americans - but to my surprise they shook my hand and accepted me as a fellow brother in the Kingdom of God!

Right now, I am thinking about getting some tattoos removed and trying to learn more about Yeshua. I now look back and think about how many people I have cursed, mocked and beat, and it makes me sick - but, fortunately, Yeshua's love will heal all wounds.

So what I write now is very important. I'm here to say to all hate-mongers and everyone else who doesn't believe in Christ: Do not die in your sins. Yeshua's gift is paid for with His blood. What awaits us in heaven with Him is like nothing on this earth. It is not too late. As you can see, if the love of Yeshua has changed me, it can change anyone into a better person. Good luck on your search for his love and remember that his gift to us is still available to you every day, every hour, and every minute. Do NOT waste this opportunity!